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I'm a graduate of English Language and Literature department. I always loved literature, linguistics and children's literature. After graduation found myself in the ELT world and never wanted to leave it. I have been teaching for seven years as an English teacher.I love applying new methodologies into my classes and teaching is what I love most. I'm so fond of learning languages and can speak Spanish, Italian fluently but German a little. My next target is learning Russian! I can't live without reading! Mostly, I read about children's literature, professional and personal development books. Twitter, EdTech, Teaching with Children's Literature resources, ESOL exams,IB programmes and PYP are all my interests. My aim in teaching is: To be a beneficial teacher for her Ss. My research areas consist of Children's Literature, Student Motivation,TBT,SLA and Teaching English to Young Learners. Curriculum Advising and Young Learners Material Development are my basic areas of interest. Currently,I'm working at a private University as an EFL Instructor and I am doing my MALit. at a University. I am also writing books for children.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teach Your Monster to Read!

Yesterday, I bumped into one of the most enjoyable sites on reading. It is called "Teach Your Monster to Read" it is a great site for the teachers as well as for the parents. With the help of "monsters" (these are the most enjoyable figures for the YLs, VYLs.) the kids can learn how to read in an enjoyable way. Also, this site was evaluated as beneficial by Roehampton University reading authorities.I can't wait suggesting this site to my new students for the upcoming education year!

Here is the link for this lovely site:
Teach Your Monster to Read

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